A Whole New Month

I took 9 days off and went to Wisconsin for my nephew’s wedding (a big shout out to the newlyweds, Mike and Rachel Holzschuh!).  We had a good time and got to see LOTS of family members.  But that makes for a short month with a big project.  I did not get the APQ Challenge project done, but I did get the top completed.  That was a good bit of progress for me.

The new project is #8 on the list.

The Lone Star.  I started the lone star quilt back in 1999 for a window display for Erie Street Fabrics.  We were doing a political theme and I made this for the Republican side of the ticket.  I do not remember if there was a Democrat offering, but it is possible that since I was in charge of the window display, that it was just blatant partisanship! ;-D

Originally, in the top border there were “W”s, and in the bottom border, there were the GOP elephants.  I am no longer interested in the political statement, but I do like lone star quilts.  The “w”s and elephants were fused on and while I could get them off, they left color residue on the quilt.

I tried washing them out.  I even used Dawn dishwashing liquid like a friend (thank you, Mary Ann) suggested might do the trick.  It did not.  So now the fix will be to take off the borders and put on something else.  That will be the first task towards getting this quilt done this month.

The other challenge in which I am participating, has as it’s theme, “texture”.  So looking at texture and pattern, I snapped a picture out my kitchen window.

Wait.  Doesn’t everyone have a tall ladder leaning against the back of their house?!  Anyway, I thought I could make this work.  The larger challenge to me, is to work small enough that I can make a complete quilt by Saturday.  I have check again to find out what time the deadline is.  In any case, it will be a real sewing frenzy going on in my studio for the next 3 days!