About Marsha

Meet Marsha Dingeldein

I have been sewing since I was a teen and quilting for over 25 years. I started out making traditional bed quilts, but about seven years ago I began creating original works of art. Most of my works are owned by private collectors and are hung in their homes.

Quilts add color and texture to any space. They also are tactile and have emotional warmth that is unique to textile art.

I love bright bold color! I prefer working with clear colors and vivid contrasts. I typically use fabrics that have movement so that each piece is interesting in it’s own right. I create quilts that are representative of how God created me – boisterous, happy, and hopefully, a bit of fun. I am a pretty straightforward person, and my art reflects that. Everyone can understand my quilts. You never have to stand there and wonder what the artist was trying to say, or what this element symbolizes. My quilts should always make you want to touch them and be glad to look at them.

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