What’s New In the Studio

I told you I would give you the update on the August Unfinished Quilt project.  It’s a scrap quilt that I made to give to a missionary who will speak at our church’s (Concord Alliance) missionary conference in October.  All of the fabric came out of my scrap tub o’stuff.  You know.  The scraps that […]


Back on the Grid And Talking About It!

So I took a bit of a break. I got sidetracked and took a vacation. And then pure procrastination took hold! Then I took another vacation. And then I left home again a week later to help my son and daughter-in-law upon the arrival of their new daughter, Ada. More procrastination. Yikes! So here is […]


Hooray for Kelsey Ferron!

If you don’t know Kelsey, you should.  She is the fantastically talented and creative person (who is amazingly patient with me!), that created this new web site for me.  It is not totally done.  Yet.  I still have to add some content.  This is where Kelsey rolls her eyes, BUT exhibits her patience with me […]


#Cat Coasters

It’s a new month, so it’s a new task from my list of 12 (no, 12 is not all I have!) unfinished projects for All People Quilt.  The number chosen for March is #12.  Cat Coasters. I call these coasters, many people call them mug rugs.  Mine measure 5″ x 6″ and as you can […]


#A Well Dressed Man

The Persimmon Dreams challenge this week is, “A Well Dressed Man”.  My first inclination was to not accept the challenge.  But you know how it is, your subconscious brain starts working and the next thing you know, you have an idea. I started thinking, not about a well dressed man, but about my man.  He’s […]


February Wrap Up

My February unfinished quilt project was the Lone Star that I started around the turn of the century (I love being able to use that phrase!).  And I was feeling pretty good about my ability to actually get it completed in the month. ​ ​By February 11th, I had put the new borders on.  Pieced […]


#Challenge #4

The challenge this week was based on the title “Color”.  It’s pretty grey in Wisconsin this time of year, so the challenge was to pump up the color.  Right in my wheel house!  A quick way to accentuate color is to frame it with black.  But I didn’t want to do that.  So I chose […]


Project Quilt Challenge #3

Well, I got it done!  But since I didn’t really start until Thursday afternoon, it should come as no surprise, that not much else got done around here! 😉 Anyway, working off of my picture of the ladder, I made this little beauty and I let the background fabric do much of the work of portraying the […]


A Whole New Month

I took 9 days off and went to Wisconsin for my nephew’s wedding (a big shout out to the newlyweds, Mike and Rachel Holzschuh!).  We had a good time and got to see LOTS of family members.  But that makes for a short month with a big project.  I did not get the APQ Challenge […]



Here’s another unfinished beauty! But it is mostly done!  I sent off my entry form for the Lake Metroparks Farmpark Quilt show this morning.  Yes, this was the last day to do that.  So I don’t even know if it will get in.  They only accept a certain number of quilts and so it is quite possible […]