So, funny story!  I told you about sewing baby gifts.  I told you about going to the shower.  But then totally left out what I made and took to the shower!  Now I will. Almost 22 years ago, I went to Wisconsin to help out my sister, Jenna, following the birth of her second child, […]


Continuing On

I was going to post last week, and then I had some computer issues, so I did not get that accomplished.  So here’s two weeks worth of Marsha!  When last we let off, I had made a band of blocks to insert into my string quilt. But then I didn’t like the scale.  I thought […]


First Post

So today is my first actual post!  I thought I would talk about the current work project.  If you go  to my Facebook page (Marshamade), you can see that my last post showed that I was working on a LARGE quilt featuring a door titled, “Ask, Seek, Knock”.  But not surprisingly, I got distracted by something […]


Welcome to my blog!

Meet Marshamade’s Marsha I have been sewing since I was a teen and quilting for over 25 years. I started out making traditional bed quilts, but about seven years ago I began creating original works of art. Most of my works are owned by private collectors and are hung in their homes. Quilts add color […]