#String Quilt

I got my string quilt top completed, the backing put together, layered the quilt up, and am almost done quilting it!  Yea!!!! The quilting in the “string” part of the quilt is in the ditch quilting. But in the bands, this is what I’ve chosen to do. Now I am on to my next project!  […]


Yippee Skippee!

Yes, yippee skippee!  I got the top of my string quilt completed this week.  I am always so glad when I get a top completed, because by the time that happens, I am tired of working on it.  I am no longer as excited about it as I was earlier in the process, and I […]



So, funny story!  I told you about sewing baby gifts.  I told you about going to the shower.  But then totally left out what I made and took to the shower!  Now I will. Almost 22 years ago, I went to Wisconsin to help out my sister, Jenna, following the birth of her second child, […]


Continuing On

I was going to post last week, and then I had some computer issues, so I did not get that accomplished.  So here’s two weeks worth of Marsha!  When last we let off, I had made a band of blocks to insert into my string quilt. But then I didn’t like the scale.  I thought […]


First Post

So today is my first actual post!  I thought I would talk about the current work project.  If you go  to my Facebook page (Marshamade), you can see that my last post showed that I was working on a LARGE quilt featuring a door titled, “Ask, Seek, Knock”.  But not surprisingly, I got distracted by something […]


Welcome to my blog!

Meet Marshamade’s Marsha I have been sewing since I was a teen and quilting for over 25 years. I started out making traditional bed quilts, but about seven years ago I began creating original works of art. Most of my works are owned by private collectors and are hung in their homes. Quilts add color […]