#Cat Coasters

It’s a new month, so it’s a new task from my list of 12 (no, 12 is not all I have!) unfinished projects for All People Quilt.  The number chosen for March is #12.  Cat Coasters.

I call these coasters, many people call them mug rugs.  Mine measure 5″ x 6″ and as you can see, I have four sets of cat coasters that are all done.  Except for……wait for it……The cats!  The problem was, the reason I quit at this point was:

This little piece of copper foil will not be big enough for 16 cats.  Needing to treat more copper was reason enough for me to set the coasters aside and move on to something else! 🙂  But now it’s my task.  So I get out my tools.  Fireplace bricks to lay the copper sheet on, sand for texturing (my husband brought me 2 different grain sizes), and butane and the cooking torch for firing.

Heating the copper changes it from a flat color

to something with other colors and textures.

Much more interesting.  You can see the outlines of my cats that are traced on the backside.

And so here is the first one done.  I am pretty confident I can get these done before the end of the month.

Finally!  A monthly project I will get done.  One out of three.  If this was baseball, I would have a HUGE contract!  :-​D