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Finished Challenge!

  Now to try and learn a new skill……linking up to the challenge site.  I’ll let you know how it goes! 😀 I did it!  I did it!  With the expert help of my good friend, Mary Huey, I got linked up.  The last thing you need to know about this quilt is that the […]


Weekly Challenge #1

So this whole thing starts with a theme.  This week’s theme is “8”.  And. oh, I’m sorry!   I meant to identify where you can find this challenge, just in case you wanted to jump in next week.  Or any week between now and the end of March (I think).  If you go to, […]


It’s a Brand New Year

Yes, I took a LONG sabbatical.  But now it is a whole new year and I am going back to one of last year’s resolutions.  To blog.  And so here we go. I decided to participate in an on-line quilting challenge (Actually, I’ve mentally committed to two, but that’s another story for another day!).   […]


A Little of This, A Little of That

I’ve been working on a variety of things these last two weeks.  I got the Graduation Quilt layered up and I’m ready to start the quilting this coming week.  I got the Bug Quilt (you remember this one) completely quilted.  Now it needs binding. I started two NEW things.  One for the youngest grandkid and […]


Megan’s Quilt

Did I tell you I got juried into the Cain Park Art Festival in July?  I did!  And I told my family and friends that the Cain Park Freakout would start as soon as I got home from Minnesota. ​I have managed to push the freakout off for a bit.  I realized that a closer […]


Land of 1000 Lakes

I was in Minnesota for a week to see my son and daughter-in-law (Joe and Jess), and of course, the youngest grandchild, Calvin.  Again.  Cutest kid ever…..except for your grands! ;-D While I was there in Blaine, we HAD to go into Anoka (a nearby town) because there is, in addition to Truffles (a bakery […]


Design Board

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I posted……I’ve been doing a bunch of cleaning. ​But look how clean my sewing table is!!!! I actually had no choice about the cleaning….there was absolutely no room for me to do any cutting because of all the stuff I had piled up!  As part of […]


Zentangling Again

I’ve been quilting, sewing, taking classes, and just generally busy these last 2 weeks, but I finally have something to show you.  So at the middle of last week, this is what I had finished on the Zentangle quilt. Now it’s time to sing with me.  (I know you know the song!)  “One of these […]


George and Me

I decided it was time to fire up George and get to some machine quilting.  But while my piecing skills are really good, I am not quite so confident about my machine quilting skills.  So I purchased a machine quilting class on Craftsy.  They were having a sale so I bought two! 🙂   They […]


Mash Up

Today I have a mash up of projects.  Let’s start with my Mission Quilt aka Project #2.  I got the top all put together. I also got the back pieced.  And I am happy to say I have very little “bug” fabric on my shelves of  Yea!!!! ​So now I need to get it layered […]