#Challenge #4

The challenge this week was based on the title “Color”.  It’s pretty grey in Wisconsin this time of year, so the challenge was to pump up the color.  Right in my wheel house!  A quick way to accentuate color is to frame it with black.  But I didn’t want to do that.  So I chose a deep eggplant piece of fabric from off of my shelf (which looks pretty much like black in this picture, but it’s not!), and then added my colors.

Since I did not have a well defined plan, and I cut generously.  I came to regret that decision, when I ended up not having enough of the eggplant fabric to make the size I wanted.  Grrr!  I auditioned a navy blue, and solid black.

Not working for me.  So off to the quilt shop I went. (Darn that nasty bit of luck! :-D)  What I found was a good dark blue and black stripe-ish print that I thought worked quite well.

When I got the top completed, I thought it looked like Chinese (or are they Japanese?!) lanterns, and so that made my quilting decision easy….as far as the colored areas went.  Then I saw a fun spiral quilting design featured on Lori Kennedy’s blog, “The Inbox Jaunt”, and thought that could be fun.  And so there we go.  Finished.

You can go to persimmondrreams.blogspot.ca vote for your favorite quilts from this past week.