Challenge Deux

I told you at the beginning of the month that I had mentally made the committment to two online challenges.   And you saw the first one from the  start to the finish of week 1.  So now I will tell you about the second challenge that I am participating in.  I know, the sentence should read, “so now I will tell you about the second challenge in which I am participating.”   English majors out there can calm down. 😉  But I digress.

The second challenge comes from  The premise is that you make a list of 12 unfinished quilting (or other) projects and number them one through 12.  APQ assigns a random number for each month, and you work on that numbered item from your list.  For January they chose the number 6.  As you can see from my list, that is the quilt, “Ask, Seek, Knock”.

Lucky for me, that is not the largest unfinished project I have on my list…….only my second largest unfinished project.  Yea!!! Start out big!!! Yea! ;-(   Yea.

I am pretty sure that you, dear readers, do not have my whole catalog ingrained in your memory banks (why should you?), so I will refresh and recap.

It started with a picture.

This is how far I got before I put it aside for many other things.  The door is made out of some hand dyed fabrics I bought on line from, a couple of lovely women from Minnesota.  The rest of the fabric comes from the infamous stash.  Don’t cry Honey, think of it as extra insulation on that outside wall! :-​D

The quilt is larger than I usually work, 72″ x 90″ because I wanted the door to look like you could actually walk through it.  It is NOT large enough to actually walk through.  Well, I could.  But most people (think average or above heighth) could not.

I have the floor boards for the unfinished side done, but now I have to complete the piecing of the blue background.  ALOT of work yet to happen.  I do not think I will get this quilt out of the UFQ pile this month, but I should be farther along the path than when the month started.  So that’s good, right?  It’s progress. 🙂
I will let you know how it goes!

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