Continuing On

I was going to post last week, and then I had some computer issues, so I did not get that accomplished.  So here’s two weeks worth of Marsha!  When last we let off, I had made a band of blocks to insert into my string quilt.

But then I didn’t like the scale.  I thought they were too large.

So I made a different band.  And I like it much better.

But then I had to quit.  My son, Joe and his wife, Jess are having a baby boy.  The due date is October 27th and the baby shower was fast approaching.  I had some baby sewing to do!  And I did get two of the three things I started completed on time.  That’s pretty good, right?  After all, I do still have a bit of time to finish the last thing!

About a month ago, some of my closest friends had a baby shower for the yet to be born Dingeldein, and since Jess couldn’t be here for that (I live in Ohio; she’s in Minnesota) it was a fabulous occasion for me.  I got to open the presents, and I don’t have to write the thank you notes (they are on the way, Ladies!).  So last week I loaded up the car with the baby bootie, er, booty, and started up to Wisconsin.

I picked up my sisters……

and we headed out to the Twin Cities.  We had a great time at the shower with the Blake families (who really know how to host a good gathering), won some game prizes (okay, some cheating MIGHT have been done!), and had a good time with Joe & Jess.  All in all the trip was way too short.  I am back home now, and hopefully this technology thing will not continue to kick my keester, and I will be posting on a regular weekly basis.

And now, to sew!

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