Design Board

Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I posted……I’ve been doing a bunch of cleaning.

​But look how clean my sewing table is!!!!

I actually had no choice about the cleaning….there was absolutely no room for me to do any cutting because of all the stuff I had piled up!  As part of the clean up, I found  (maybe “rediscovered” is a better word) a number of things that I then pinned up to my design walls to give further consideration.  So I thought that today I would give you a “tour” of my design boards.  Notice that my grandchildren have their own space!

So here is the explanation of everything.

This is a block that I made as a trial for the graduation quilt I will be making for my great niece, Megan Holzschuh.  I still need to find more grey fabric since I greatly under bought.  Maybe this week in Minnesota! 😉






These are pieces/parts of things I put together in a class that I took several weeks ago from Pat Pauly.  Pat was the Featured Artist at the Lake Farm Park Quilt Show last month.  I think these are destined to be taken or cut apart and put in the scrap bin.  I did not really like any of the pieces.

I took two classes from Pat, and afterward I said to a couple of my friends that I didn’t really know how I could/would incorporate her techniques into my work.  They were surprised; telling me they thought I already worked in similar ways.  I didn’t see it.


















Until I came across this piece that I made over a year ago and then put aside because I couldn’t see where it was going.


And look how well it goes with one of the pieces I made in the class.

Now I think I see a direction.  Then I came across this piece that I made ​more than a year ago.

Hmmm….seems like my friends knew what they were talking about!  Pat Pauly’s work differs from mine in that she works in a much larger scale and she uses fabric that she dyes, paints, and prints herself.  I use commercially printed fabric.  Having had a break in my attention, I am back to liking this and feel better about the direction of my work.

Oh! And another difference is that I use brighter colors with more contrast…….but you could see that too! 😀










These are some other small studies that came out of the class.

And that, my friends, concludes your tour of Marsha’s Design Boards.  Unless you want to see Jane and Drew’s contributions!