February Wrap Up

My February unfinished quilt project was the Lone Star that I started around the turn of the century (I love being able to use that phrase!).  And I was feeling pretty good about my ability to actually get it completed in the month.

​By February 11th, I had put the new borders on.  Pieced the backing,

and got it layered up for quilting.  I was feeling pretty confident.  That may have been a mistake!  The next week was a Persimmon Dream Challenge week, so no quilting was done on the Lone Star.

Last week I quilted, but it takes a lot longer to quilt each of the diamonds in a star than I had appreciated.  So, it took me until Friday just to quilt the star.

For the corner squares and triangles I wanted to do a traditional feathered wreath, but when I started researching the best way to do that, I found out that pretty much everybody was using a stencil to mark the wreath.  I was hoping for a way to avoid that.  If I had a bunch of time to practice, I probably could have worked out the kinks of just drawing the circle and doing my own feathers, but color me “not confident enough” in my machine quilting skills to wing it, and not willing to take the time to take the time to practice.  I know. I am a lazy person who just wants to do things well the first time out of the gate! 🙂  And we know the chances of that being a successful strategy!

I have a quilting stencil that is the right size for the square (10 1/2 inches), and while it is not a truly traditional pattern, I just went ahead and used it in the interest of expediency.  I did (while driving home from the quilt shop) have the brilliant idea of making a small quilt sandwich and doing a practice run, but by the time I got home and got to George, that brilliant idea was totally out of my head.  Surprising, huh?! Until I was about halfway through the first square and I wasn’t feeling a good flow!  Then​ I remembered.  Figures!!!!

It doesn’t look so bad, but I’m sure that by the time I get to the fourth (and last!) square, it will be much better!  That, however will not happen soon.  The month is over, and I will go on to the March challenge.  Maybe if it’s not a big project, I can get it done and come back to the Lone Star.

In the meantime, it’s another one week challenge.  The prompt is “A Well Dressed Man.”  I got an idea.  I made a plan, sort of.  Okay it’s really more of a sketch of a plan!  But I am on my way!