George and Me

I decided it was time to fire up George and get to some machine quilting.  But while my piecing skills are really good, I am not quite so confident about my machine quilting skills.  So I purchased a machine quilting class on Craftsy.  They were having a sale so I bought two! 🙂   They are both taught by Christina Cameli.  I have almost completed the first class, Free-Motion Quilting Essentials, and I am already feeling much better about my skill level.  Just the exercise of quilting almost every day, even for a short time, has made me feel more comfortable with George and with my ability to move smoothly across a quilt.  And now I have a nice little library of patterns to use as a reference when I go to quilt a real quilt.

So now I’m ready to quilt!  I am starting with a quilt I made a long time ago.  I choose a quilting design from my little blocks along with a traveling line.  The picture is from the backside of the quilt so you can see the line better.

You know, I was real proud of this quilt, until I showed my husband John.  I thought it was the Big and Little Dippers.  John’s immediate reaction was that I had the North Star incorrectly positioned, and the North Star is not really the largest star in the constellation.  Now I’m not as happy with it.  I don’t know anymore whether I started the quilting at the top of the quilt or at the bottom. (If I asked him, John could tell me, but I probably won’t!)  But I was really pleased that I got almost half of the quilt quilted in an hour with George.

This will be a charitable donation, and some little boy or girl will love it…..even if the North Star is too big and not in the right position!  😀

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