“Go To” Block Project 3 #Missions Quilt

A number of years ago (I can’t remember how many), a friend and I started getting together on Monday afternoons to sew quilt together.  We sewed almost exclusively out of my plenty.  My scrap bins.

The bins are filled with the leftovers from quilts past.  You know, the pieces and parts that are “to big to throw away”, but are not really enough to make anything with.  Except scrap quilts.  One bin contains the bright and whimsical prints and the other bin is filled with all the other fabrics.  Now, we made at least 6 quilts using fabric almost exclusively from these two bins, and you will notice that they are not even close to being empty!  I have not been terribly productive the last few years, so I have not contributed 6 twin quilt tops worth of fabric!  Yet the bins are still full.  Something fishy is going on here…..

Anyway.  Todays featured project is a quilt top that my friend, Kim, started.   I have quite a collection of fabrics that have bugs (I do not know why I collected them), and so we started with those fabrics to make the chimneys.  The rest of the fabric came from the bins.  She started making the blocks just the way I told her: add strips on two perpendicular sides, then the other two opposite sides.  They look really good.

Then she moved to Georgia.  So now I’m finishing the blocks.  I get bored pretty easily, and it turns out that it’s easier to work with any size scrap that fits a side than to find a strip that will go all the way around the block.  Especially for the last round on a 9″ finished block.  Plus, I started working my way around the chimney instead of building on the two opposite sides.  So now we have a very different looking block.


But they will all work together.  Here’s a picture of a small sampling.

So I didn’t get this posted within a week of the last post, like was my resolution time frame.  But I am close!  AND, I have learned how to get my pictures from my camera to my computer (new skill!) in the extra days.  🙂  So there you have it.  Next week I will give you my progress on the Zentangle quilt.  Have a good week!