Go To Block

I KNOW!  It’s been a long time!  I won’t bore with traveling, holidays, yada yada yada.  But now I’m back.  And a weekly post is one of my New Year’s resolutions (along with the usual: eat more healthfully, lose weight, exercise more, blah blah blah). 😀

ANYWAY!  As I was looking at the quilting projects that I have at the front of the line, the first 3 are all using the same block.  Apparently I have a “go to” block!  This basic block is a variation of a log cabin block.  And I am using this for 3 different quilts.   Let me apologize right up front about the quality of the photos.  I got a new Mac computer and I am learning the differences between my PC and a Mac.  So in my other posts, I had taken the pictures with a good camera, and the photos today are taken with my iPhone.  The reason being, that I know how to get the photos from these two devices to work together and I haven’t figured out the other system.  Yet!  And for all you Apple purists, I know, I know, better quality is possible.  Please be patient while I learn!

But, back to  the block.  You build this block by starting with a center (chimney) block and then add strips onto two opposite sides.

Straighten the edges, and sew strips onto the two other opposite edges.

You can keep the size and contrast of the strips uniform, making a very graphic statement, as with my zen doodle blocks,

Or you can vary with width, value, and colors of the strips.  You can also vary the size of the blocks themselves.  This is from one of the other quilts I’m making with these blocks.

So there you have it!  I will introduce you to the 3rd project using this block next week.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

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