Hooray for Kelsey Ferron!

If you don’t know Kelsey, you should.  She is the fantastically talented and creative person (who is amazingly patient with me!), that created this new web site for me.  It is not totally done.  Yet.  I still have to add some content.  This is where Kelsey rolls her eyes, BUT exhibits her patience with me because it has already been a month! :-D  You can see some of what she does on Instagram @yellohembroidery, and I’m pretty sure she has an Etsy shop.

When I posted last, I was pretty confident about finishing the Lone Star quilt I was in the process of quilting, before the end of March.  Funny thing.  I didn’t.  I got stuck and I got sidetracked.  I got stuck as to how to quilt the last border.  And then I got sidetracked by making a bag.

When I sew with a group of friends, called the Good Deed Quilters, (we make quilts that we donate to Applachian Service Project and the women’s homeless shelter in Cleveland), I have to transport my sewing machine extension table, my rotary cutting mat, and several rulers. I had been bungy cording them together, but that wasn’t really the best solution. So I decided that I would make a bag to carry those things in. The bonus here is that I could practice my machine quilting skills on said bag. But before I cut the bag out, I had the brilliant idea that if I made it LARGER than I needed for the previously mentioned things, I could then carryALL of my stuff in one bag. Great idea! So I made the bag, stuffed my mat, rulers and table in, added my lunch box of tools and sewing paraphernalia.  I slung the bag over my shoulder……..….and my knees nearly buckled!


So I spent some time UNsewing the bag, and resewing to the size I had originally decided on.

I can handle the weight now.  And in the meantime, I did decide on a quilting pattern for the Lone Star quilt and it is quilted and ready to be bound.

This is not the quilt, but the center star motif is what I elected to use in the quilt.  Because I used navy blue thread on the blue fabric, it doesn’t show up as well as it does in this picture.


The other thing that sidetracked me?  Trees.  I took a class.  More about these trees will undoubtably follow!