Land of 1000 Lakes

I was in Minnesota for a week to see my son and daughter-in-law (Joe and Jess), and of course, the youngest grandchild, Calvin.  Again.  Cutest kid ever…..except for your grands! ;-D

While I was there in Blaine, we HAD to go into Anoka (a nearby town) because there is, in addition to Truffles (a bakery and eatery with good food and award winning desserts! yum!!),  Peterson’s Shoes (a shoe store my husband and I both like), and Millie P’s Quilt Shop.  I was not able to match the grey fabric I was hoping for, but!  I was able to find an alternate grey.  Lucky me!  If you are ever in the Twin City area, you should really check out Anoka.  It is a sweet little community, and if your husband is not excited about a quilt shop, there is a pretty sweet micro brewery less than a block away!  Just sayin’.

Anyhoo.  Whilst walking around the quilt shop I pointed out this book to Jess.

I told her that this was the kind of quilting I wanted her to do.  Well, the book is full of cute cute cute patterns that are not terribly hard and she was intrigued enough to buy the book.  And then we had to find some fabric, because she really liked the chick on the cover.  So lots of fun later, we both left the quilt shop with a bag of fabric!
That evening  we got out her sewing machine that she had never used, and went through a tutorial on how to run it.  It’s an old Bernina 740, and it has been a LONG time since I’ve sewn on one of them, so it took a bit to reacquaint myself with the workings of the machine.  But we got it going.  I went to bed, and Jess went to work working the quilt out on paper!
I want you to notice that she colored HER fabric into the design!  She is so creative.  And she just delights me.

After church and lunch (isn’t it always about the food?), we set to work.  I pressed and cut and unsewed at Jess’s direction, and we worked our way through the pattern.  We got Jess’ brother, Drew to come over on Monday to take Calvin duty so we could sew.  And by the time Joe got home from work this is what Jess made.

The background pieces are mostly from a jelly roll and much of the rest were remnants.  Jess put much more thought into the placement of each of the strips than I usually do, and I am so proud of her first quilt.  She still needs to get some fabric for a border, but I am very confident that the nice ladies at Millie P’s will be very helpful in that endeavor.  Because of the machine she has, I will probably quilt it for her.  And then Calvin will have a new quilt to sleep under.

I did apologize to Joe for sucking his wife into my addiction, um, passion.  He laughed.  He knows what this looks like and is also very proud of his wife’s creative side.  I think when they come and visit this summer we can try our hands at fabric printing.  I know she’ll be great at that! ;-D

Now I need to get on with the graduation quilt.

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