Megan’s Quilt

Did I tell you I got juried into the Cain Park Art Festival in July?  I did!  And I told my family and friends that the Cain Park Freakout would start as soon as I got home from Minnesota.

​I have managed to push the freakout off for a bit.  I realized that a closer deadline was looming at the end of May, when the graduation party for Megan will be held.  And so I want to get her graduation present quilt done to take along to the party.

Remember the audition squares I made?


Well, I got the fabric I needed while I was in Minnesota, and spent the week happily sewing on Megan’s quilt.  I got the top finished on Wednesday, but I can’t show you.  Yet.  There has to be SOME surprise!  And then I started to work on the back.

I had bought this stripe as my color palette and so that was my starting point.

Now while I have enough of this stripe to cover the length of the quilt, I do not have enough to make the 76″ width I need.  So I used the leftovers from the top to construct a piece wide enough to make up the 36″ I needed.  And this is what that looks like.

I split the piece of striped fabric and put the two pieces on either side of the above pieced unit.  And the beautiful thing is that look at how little leftover fabric I have to add to my scrap bin!

So on Monday I will layer the thing up and it will be the next quilt in the pile for George! 😀

​Have a great weekend!