So, funny story!  I told you about sewing baby gifts.  I told you about going to the shower.  But then totally left out what I made and took to the shower!  Now I will.

Almost 22 years ago, I went to Wisconsin to help out my sister, Jenna, following the birth of her second child, Megan…..my goddaughter.  Jenna had a beautiful wooden piece of furniture in the nursery with a changing table on top.  It needed pads.  So while I was there I made two (I think, it’s been so long!) pads to fit the top of the table.

Fast forward about 8 or so years, and my niece, Annie, is going to have her first child.  The family’s collection of baby stuff goes to her.  I know she got the changing table, but I honestly don’t know if any children were actually changed on top of it.  She did, however love the pads.  Even though she had a son (Billy) and the pads had been made with Megan in mind, Annie discovered that the pads folded up neatly into a gallon zippered plastic bag.  She could then tuck them into the diaper bag and whenever she needed to change a diaper she could pull them out to have a nice clean and soft surface to put under Billy.  If there was any extra curricular mess (you know what I’m talking about), the pad got folded up and back into the bag went the mess and odor until she got home and could empty the bag into the washing machine.  She liked those pads so much that she asked me to make some that she could give to a friend as a shower gift.

I thought it was genius!  Wished I had thought of it when my kids were little.  So I made these two to give to Joe and Jess to use with the newest Dingeldein….still not named.

The pads are 18 x 24 ish and can be made pretty quickly.  And probably no one else will be bringing any to the shower, so you don’t need to be concerned about a gift receipt! 😀

Just a helpful suggestion from one quilter to another.  Now back to my string quilt!