What’s New In the Studio

I told you I would give you the update on the August Unfinished Quilt project.  It’s a scrap quilt that I made to give to a missionary who will speak at our church’s (Concord Alliance) missionary conference in October.  All of the fabric came out of my scrap tub o’stuff.  You know.  The scraps that are left over from other projects.  The ones that are “too big to throw out”, yet are not big enough to bother folding up and putting back on your shelf.  You’ve seen my tubs before, but to save you the time and trouble of going back to look at them, I’ll just add the picture here. 🙂

This current scrap quilt came from the tub on the right.  And if you looked at the tub now, you would not know that any fabric had come out of it.  I swear, those scraps breed during the night!!!

Anyway, I stopped working on it during the quilting process because something new and shiny (not really shiny) took my attention.  Then it got kind of buried.  Some of you won’t understand that, but others will. :-D   I had gotten it about a third of the way quilted when I stopped.  So not rushing into anything, I waited until last week to dig it out.  And then I didn’t do anything but look at it.  But now the month is getting kind of short.  So this morning I got back to quilting on it.  Turns out it really goes pretty fast when you get serious about it!

I’m doing an unmarked free form baptist fan quilting design, and, like with all of my quilting endeavors, you should not look too closely! :-D  And I only have to do two rows a day to get it done before the end of the month.  Though maybe I should to 3 or 4 rows so I have time to do the binding and sewing in of thread ends!

And of course, because you can never start too many new things, or have too many unfinished projects, I started a new series:

These are small, about 24″ x 30″ and I will mount them on canvases when they are completed.  They are not quilted yet, because I need to get the right color thread to quilt them.  At least, that is what I tell myself.  (Hey! It’s MY story, and I’m sticking to it!  And, it could be true!  Well, it is true that I need thread.) I want them for the show I am vending at in Akron at the E. J. Thomas Hall the first weekend in December, so I am not yet in a rush to get them done.  See me in November,  I’ll probably be panicking!

And that’s what’s new in the studio of Marshamade.