Zentangle Quilt or Project #1

It seems apparent that I am (at this point!) unable to post on a weekly basis. 🙁  This time it wasn’t because of a technical problem, it was a ME problem.  The truth is that I would much rather be sewing than writing.  I’m hoping that this will resolve itself as I get more practiced at the writing.  BUT until that happens, you should probably get used to an irregular schedule! 😀

Today’s topic is my zentangle quilt.  I want to remind you that when last you saw this, I had two pictures to choose from.


I decided to start with the top photo.  Since the drawing was to scale (sort of)(4″ x 6″) it was easily blown up to the size I want the finished quilt to be, which is 40″ x 60″.  I took the drawing to Kinko’s and had each quarter blown up to 20″ x 30″.  Then all I needed to do was to tape the quarters together to get my pattern.

I will number each section and cut the pieces apart, then piece the blocks to fit.  I have blocks in three sizes.  I cut strips in 1 inch, 1 and a quarter inch, and 1 and a half inch increments.

And that, folks, is my progress on this quilt so far.  Next week, (or whenever :-D) I will show you where I am on my “go to” block project #2.

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